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Learn Chinese and Culture


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● Learn practical language skills for day-to-day use

● Learn to converse about the most common topics and use popular phrases

● Supplement your HSK 2 studies

● Correct common mispronunciations of Chinese words

● Better understand traditional Chinese culture and Chinese pop culture

● Explore Chinese idioms, festival customs, zodiac signs, and great works of literature

● Discover the internet slang words used to discuss Chinese pop culture, celebrities, and gossip!

● Learn a little something that even your Chinese friends don't know


Our Courses

For Beginners


​in total

  • Elementary & Beginner Levels

  • Emphasis on practical language for day-to-day use

  • Topics revolving around daily life

Top 301 sentences


​in total

  • Elementary & intermediate levels

  • Learn the most commonly used expressions

  • Improve speaking skills


​in total

  • 0 to HSK advanced levels

  • Test-oriented learning

  • Focus on grammar, writing & pronunciation


​in total

HSK Standard Course

Developing Chinese Course

  • Beginners & early-learners

  • Learn basic grammar & characters

  • Develop learning strategy

Meet The Team


Xiuhuan Wang

Star Teacher & Teaching Supervisor

  • 16 years of teaching experience in Chinese

  • Authored in-depth Tutorials on New HSK and New HSK Mock Tests Level 4-6

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Lina Wang

Chinese Language Teacher


  • Graduated from Beijing Language University with a degree in International Chinese Education

  • Has overseas teaching experience in both Korea and the UK

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Ying Yu

Chinese Language Teacher


  • Taught at the School of Chinese as a Second Language at Beijing University

  • Worked at Confucius Institute in Cairo

  • Is good at creating interactive class environment


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Panda Learning is a brand offering education services to overseas youth and people interested in Chinese culture. Endorsed by Europe's largest Chinese media and culture group Nouvelles D'europe, Panda Learning is currently partnering with one of China's leading high school, Beijing No.4 middle school, offering online Chinese Language Programmmes. In the future, Panda Learning will develop a comprehensive liberal Arts Education ProgramME of traditional Chinese art, culture, and humanities.


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