Panda Learning is a brand offering education services to an audience interested in traditional Chinese culture. The brand is a sub service of the UK Culture Centre of Nouvelles D’Europe or - the largest Chinese media and cultural group founded in 1983. With our headquarters in Paris, we have divisions across Europe, including in cities such as London, Venna, Frankfurt and Rome. Our branches in different countries also run their own culture centres, which have developed into culture hubs and venues for exhibitions, education, training, schools and libraries.


Cultural education is the core of our centres and our school has won acclaim for its dedicated teaching staff and high teaching outcomes. Our centres also host diverse culture events and organises exhibitions, workshops and talks that not only inform and entertain the local community, but also open a window for cultural dialogue between the EU and China, strengthening the friendship between the people of both regions.

The UK Culture Centre offers a wide range of cultural promotion services, including Panda Learning, which is an online education platform in partnership with Beijing No.4 Online school, providing online Chinese courses for Chinese language enthusiasts across the globe, who can learn Chinese regardless of geographical location. 

Looking forward, Panda Learning will provide a more extensive platform that offers courses for people who are interested in learning the Chinese language, as well as Chinese arts, humanities and traditional culture.