Beijing No.4 High School

Beijing No.4 High School (BNHS), with a history spanning over 110 years, is a flagship school of Chinese elementary education and a leading example of quality education, it has won fame both at home and abroad. Its Online School is regarded as a school without barriers.


Accomplished teaching team

Our teachers are highly-qualified and devoted to delivering quality education and learning resources through the medium of the Internet, enabling more children to access a better education.


Academic research system

With a team consisting of nearly 100 professional teaching staff who have a thorough understandings of class learning and teaching methods, our Online School provides an individualised education service.


Auto-diagnose and Assess Learning Tool

Our school uses AI technology to assist in the discovery of student weakness on their path to learning, which provide a personalised learning experience.


Quality teaching resources

The School provides more than 20,000 online mini courses and over 5,000 lectures. All are delivered by experienced teaching staff. More than 35,000 case study documents and over 300 full-version secondary textbooks and localised teaching materials are available on the school's online library.


Rich test questions pool

More than 180 textbooks designed by the School have been published in partnership with 19 publishers, which collected over 1,500,000 test questions from across prestigious schools.


Nationwide School’s Divisions

Beijing No.4 High School Online is an innovative school that combines modern education with big data technology. With the High School itself at the centre, the online division is a remote educational institution that gathers accomplished teaching personnel from across the China to provide quality education.

Through partnerships, the School has been setting up online divisions across China to support local informationalised education and help improve students’ comprehension and self-learning ability.