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Learn Chinese Language and Culture Course Package

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This is a two-in-one Chinese language and culture crash course in basic oral communication. The course primarily focuses on traditional Chinese culture and pop culture to help you learn Chinese in a fun way. 


The curriculum touches on the traditional culture of China such as traditional festivals, dynasties, Chinese zodiac signs, mythology, idioms, and poetry. Helping learners to get a taste of the essence of traditional Chinese culture while accumulating basic sentences for everyday oral communication.


Enough with the usual Chinese class clichés - there is more to Chinese culture than just Spring Festival and dumplings! Why not learn more about the Chinese pop culture of the younger generation! From the trendiest internet slang to the juicy details of celebrity gossip. We've got you covered! 

Join us to become immersed in Chinese language and culture. Let's learn Chinese in a fun way!


Experienced Teacher

  • Master degree from Beijing Normal University

  • 5 years of teaching experience with more than 30000 students

  • Teaching material developer and leading teacher of Head education institution in China


Beginner Friendly

  • Focus on basic knowledge accumultion

  • Quick introduction to spoken Chinese

  • The course level is below HSK2


Fun Chinese Culture

  • Covers daily Chinese oral communication and representative traditional culture knowledge

  • From Chinese festivals, Chinese zodiac to Chinese ancient poetry and famous quotes