Developing Chinese Course Series

This course is suitable for beginners and early-learners who can communicate with simple expressions. The content of this course includes basic grammar and Chinese characters, which will enable learners to learn the basics of conversing in Chinese and apply this to their daily life and studies.

This course helps participants practice basic Chinese phonology and pronunciation techniques, common elementary-level vocabulary and simple sentences. It also teaches the basic strokes of characters as well as the writing order and structure of Chinese characters.

Participants will be able to handle daily conversation and ask questions on topics about daily life and study. It will also enable students to develop a strategy for future language learning and Chinese conversation. In addition, students will gain a basic understanding of socialising in China and better cross-cultural awareness.

Sample Course Content:

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Course Price

In order to achieve the best result, we provide our Chinese lessons in pack.


1 pack for 15 lessons (£19 Per lesson for 50 mins), £342 in total incl. VAT.