Talent Competition Introduction


Children’s talent competition aims to improve the children's Chinese oral expression and speech skills, show their comprehensive quality, and create a platform for the children to have fun together.


Activity Time: August, 2020 — October, 2020

Registration time: 28th August — 9th September

Audition stage: 10th September — 11th September

Public voting stage: 12th September — 5th October

Announcement of results and list of winners: 5th October


Participation Requirements: The activity is held for children over 5 years old in the UK, and children who are good at expressing or are learning some musical instruments.


Activity Contents

  1. Self-proposed Speech

Children can choose the topics they interested in, including Environmental protection, interesting experiences and hobbies, etc.

  2. Talent show

Children can perform talents such as instrumental performance, singing, dancing, etc.

(p.s. Participants can choose any of the above two themes to register for the competition. And the length of the self-proposed speech will not exceed 1.5 minutes; the talent show will not exceed 2 minutes.)


Way of Participation

Send the video to the email: Info@pandalearning.co.uk, with the title format of the email (remarks topic name + location + child’s name + mother’s/dad’s WeChat ID + mobile phone number)


The list of entries will be uniformly organized by the Pandalearning, then numbered, grouped and entered into the audition (for details, please see articles on the public account).


Prize Settings

The top three will receive toy gift packages of varying value, Beijing No.4 High School Online Class 1V1 consultation and limited-time free lessons, and free trial listening courses of Enjoy Art.


P.s. During the event, all participants in the activity forwarding and commenting will have the opportunity to receive a 20% discount for the online class of the Fourth Middle School, and a 50% discount for the EnJoy Art courses; customers who scan the QR code to participate in the consultation can also receive a limited coupon.


Organizer: Pandalearning

Co-organizer: UK Zone; China Minutes


Course Introduction

The teachers at Pandalearning come from Beijing No. 4 Online School. They are not only excellent teachers in China, but also have rich experience in teaching foreigners. In order to meet the characteristics of British teaching, the courses will be taught by domestic teachers in accordance with the British time. The course is set to be a 30-minute live class, and there is a WeChat group to answer questions after class to facilitate teaching interaction.

Pandalearning selects the best teachers to provide educational resources based on the actual situation. In the fall semester, classes are arranged for Happy Chinese (Elementary and Intermediate), 1-2 volumes of "Chinese", domestic elementary school Chinese from 1st grade to 6th grade, HSK series courses, and mathematical thinking, etc., and classes are classified for students of different ages, which not only have a high degree of integration small class mode of 2-5 people. There is also 1 to 1 personalized teaching. The course rhythm is customized according to the attention span of school-age children, allowing children to learn Chinese and mathematics in an immersive environment.


Please send the email to info@pandalearning.co.uk for inquiries