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Our partner – Beijing No.4 Online School, benefiting from advanced Internet technology, delivers remote teaching for Chinese language learners around the world, which are based on the education principles that the school has developed over the past century. This has created an open learning platform that makes studying the Chinese language more accessible. 


Academic achievements of students at Beijing No.4 High School have earned the school’s fames both at home and overseas. An average of 300 prizes for provincial and national competitions across all subjects are garnered by the School every year. The School is also a frequent gold winner on International Olympics Competitions. More than 96 percent of its graduates are taken by national key universities each year, with over two fifths of those cohorts going to Tsinghua and Beijing University.

Beijing No.4 Online School provides remote tutorials for secondary and elementary students across the country through advanced Internet technology. The teaching which is based on education ideology that has been developed at Beijing No.4 High School over the past century creates an open platform for Chinese families to access rich learning resources at the School.


In the meantime, we are delighted to announce that Panda Learnings has made learning materials from the School available from overseas.

All teaching staff at Panda Learnings are from the Online School, who are not only offering their profession at home, but also have accumulated experience in teaching the second generation of Chinese nationals overseas.

Our well-established system that integrates learning, exercises and self-assessment provides a comprehensive tool for adult students to learn Chinese. The school offers live courses in Fast-track Spoken Chinese, Top 301 Sentences for Chinese Conversation, HSK Standard Courses and Developing Chinese to meet the great interest in Chinese learning, which enable a better interaction between students and teachers and a more progressive and effective outcome.

Fast-track Spoken Chinese

Course features: Practical and trendy

Content: Course covers functional language with a priority going to topics on daily life, study and socialising activities. The course is designed to reflect the learning outcome that students have achieved after each teaching unit.

Aim: Upon the completion of this course, participants are expected to understand 400 vocabularies and 200 most common sentences.

Suitable for: Beginners

Course composition: Entry and basic levels. There are 15 class hours for each level. Each session lasts 50 minutes.

Chinese Conversation

301 Sentences

Course features: The course is designed to allow beginners to apply language in conversation. It combines grammatical teaching with conversational practice.

Content: Having put the most fundamental and commonly used expressions in modern Chinese in perceived contexts that are close to real life, learners will be able to grasp the 301 sentences that are being spoken in daily Chinese conversation and achieve the level where they can communicate with native speakers by replacing and expanding on what they have learnt. It will also build up the foundation for further Chinese learning.

Aim: Upon the completion of this course, learners are expected to achieve conversations in up to 30 social settings and approximately 800 vocabularies as well as basic Chinese grammar.

Suitable for: Beginners and people who want to improve speaking Chinese.

Course composition: Elementary and intermediate levels. There are 15 class hours for each level. Each session lasts 50 minutes.

HSK Standard Textbook Level 1-6

A combination of tests and teaching – test syllabus fully covered and mock & real questions 100% matched

Systematic teaching – It offers grammars break-down with phased support in pronunciation and characters writing.

Practicality – A well-selected content that focuses on language application and language developing strategies.

Diverse dialogue contexts – With short texts varying in contexts, the content is easy to understand and creates a diverse conversation environment.

Natural and humorous – The content also includes expressions and graphics collected from real tests.


Developing Chinese Course Series

Developing Chinese ۰Elementary Full Version 1 (2nd Edition) Sample

The textbook is suitable for beginners and learners who can communicate with simple expressions. Content includes basic grammar and Chinese characters, which helps learners who just cut their teeth on this language to understand basics of communicating in Chinese and apply this language in their daily life and study.

Specifically, upon the completion of this textbook, learners are expected to be able to:

1). Apply basic Chinese phonetics and techniques of pronunciation, common elementary-level vocabularies and simple sentences in Chinese.

2). Apply basic strokes, writing order and structure of Chinese characters and write characters that are taught in this textbook

3). Communicate in Chinese for daily life and simple topics in study

4). Develop a basic strategy for future language learning and Chinese conversation. As well have an initial understanding of socialising culture in China and cross-cultural awareness.

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